Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

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Corrugated Cardboard Recycling Services in Ashland, MA

A Variety of Corrugated Cardboard Recycling Options

B-P Trucking, Inc. offers a variety of corrugated cardboard recycling options. We can provide you with small containers, compactors, balers, or specialized containers to meet your storage needs. We operate collection routes daily for our small containers, baled pickup, and compactor customers. Large generators of OCC can receive rebates based on the New England high for OCC (11) as published by RISI, Inc., PPI Pulp & Paper Weekly.

What is OCC?

Old corrugated cardboard, often referred to in the industry as OCC, consists of post-use packaging material such as shipping boxes made from unbleached, unwaxed paper with a ruffled or corrugated inner liner.  Recycling OCC is straightforward as long as the material is kept dry and clean, free of bubble wrap, wood skids, plastic wrapping, Styrofoam, and other non-paper material.

Why Should You Recycle Cardboard?

The Massachusetts Waste Bans prohibit the disposal of all recyclable paper, cardboard, and paperboard products. According to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, cardboard in commercial loads of trash is one of the most common causes of a “failed load.” Aside from local environmental policies, the benefits of recycling cardboard are immense, as the process reduces energy and water usage, greenhouse gas production, and hazardous air pollutants. It can take around three tons of trees to manufacture just one ton of virgin cardboard. The recycling of one ton of cardboard can save more than nine cubic yards of landfill space. Recycled cardboard is considered a high-quality material because it is light but effective when used as packaging material and shipping boxes. Cardboard can be recycled many times without losing its strength. OCC that gets used for shipping has a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content.

Acceptable Types of Cardboard

We’re able to collect both loose cardboard and baled OCC in small containers and compactors. Here’s a list of acceptable types of cardboard material we’re able to recycle:

  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Baled Cardboard
  • Boxboard Cuttings
  • Cardboard Filing Boxes
  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Cardboard Shipping Boxes
  • Cardboard Storage Boxes
  • Chipboard
  • Double Line Kraft Paperboard
  • Gaylords
  • Loose Cardboard
  • Pallets
  • Poly-coated Bleach Cup
  • Rolls, Tubes, and Cores

How Corrugated Cardboard Recycling Works

Recycling old corrugated carboard involves recovering the material from residential and commercial waste streams, eliminating any unacceptable, non-paper material and contaminants, flattening and compressing the material for easier handling and storage, and then delivering the material to a paper production mill, where it can be converted into new paper products. Local markets exist in Massachusetts, where the complete process takes place. Trucks deliver loads of OCC where the material gets inspected, pulped, rolled into sheets, re-corrugated, glued into new sheets, and cut into shape so it’s ready for market.

How Our OCC Recycling Pickup Service Works

As high-volume cardboard recyclers, B-P Trucking, Inc. will work with you to determine the appropriately sized recycling container to fit the volume of old corrugated cardboard your operation generates. We’ll evaluate your OCC volume stream and frequency, provide the right container that holds the volume of your cardboard material, establish a consistent pickup schedule with minimal disruption to your daily operations, and transport your OCC direct-to-mill to be converted into new paper products. If you are interested in our OCC recycling services, contact us today for a free estimate.