High-Volume Waste Compactor

By using a compactor, businesses that produce large amounts of waste can see a range of benefits, including lower costs, fewer hazards, and more efficient uses of space. Our team at B-P Trucking, Inc. can provide your business with the benefits and convenience of a compactor, as well as additional waste management services.

The Benefits of Compactors

Compactors are extremely efficient at managing large amounts of waste and recycling materials, which can help your business in a variety of ways, including:

  • Fewer costs: Compactors can dramatically decrease the size of waste and recycling materials, which cuts overall transportation costs and the necessary labor needed to break down and manage waste. Compactors also reduce the risk of rodents, insects, and fire hazards, which saves on exterminator and insurance expenses.
  • Safety and security: Because our compactors are securely sealed, your business’s confidential information is safe from prying eyes, and others can’t access your waste materials or illegally dump their own at your facility. Enclosed compactors also ensure that your employees don’t have to leave the building to dispose of waste materials.
  • Improved aesthetics: By consolidating waste, compactors can significantly improve the aesthetics of your facility by reducing wind-blown litter, unpleasant odors, and the wear and tear of more frequent waste collection.
  • Better use of space: By decreasing the size of waste and recycling materials, there’s more room to use indoor and parking spaces, as they won’t be limited to make room for waste storage.

Compactor Options

We recognize that each business has unique waste management needs, so we offer a range of compactor options, including:

  • Self-contained compactors for wet, dry, and mixed waste and recycling materials.
  • Stationary compactors for dry waste and a variety of recycling materials, including paper and corrugated waste.
  • Small compactors for wet waste and food waste.


Waste Type: Wet waste as well as mixed and dry and recycling materials
Applications: Supermarkets, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes,
office buildings, restaurants, etc.
Sizes: 20, 35 cubic yard along with custom sizes



Waste Type: Dry waste and recycling such paper, corrugated, etc.
Applications: Retail shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses, industrial,
Sizes: 2-15 cubic yard with a 45 cubic yard receiver box


Small Compactors

Waste Type: Wet waste and food waste
Applications: Restaurants, small shopping plazas, hotels, nursing homes, small grocery stores, etc.
Sizes: 4, 6 & 8 cubic yard

Additional Services

In addition to designing, fabricating, and installing compactors, we offer the following waste management services:

  • 24/7 access to professional repair technicians every day.
  • Customized compactors for unique materials, applications, and locations.
  • Custom compactor designs and installations.
  • Flexible installation schedules to meet your business’s operational needs.
  • Fully equipped service vehicles.

Having a compactor at your business allows you to manage large amounts of waste and recycling materials so that you can focus on day-to-day operations. Our team at B-P Trucking, Inc. can design, build, and install the right compactor for your unique waste management needs. To learn more about how a compactor can benefit your facility, contact us online or call (508) 231-1000.